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05 Oct 2023, 01:43 HRS IST
  • PTI

Our Team

PTI’s Fact Checking operations are deeply embedded in our day-to-day editorial operations. We rely on our vast network of journalists and stringers to source, verify and report on a wide range of topics in line with our methodology.

In addition, we have a dedicated team for our fact-checking operations, the members of which are listed below. Our fact-checking team leverages the deep journalistic expertise we have across all our editorial desks as well as the feet on ground to verify claims.

We also encourage and empower all our journalists to choose and verify a claim with reporting help and guidance from the Fact Checking team.

PTI’s fact-checking operations are led by Minu Jain (National Editor and Head, Fact-checking, PTI). She is in charge of setting the vision, goals, and the overall direction of PTI’s fact-checking operations. She is also responsible for day-to-day operations including the claims to be selected for fact-checking, editing fact-check investigations, training new fact-checkers etc.

Minu Jain

Minu leads the fact-checking team at PTI. She has been a National Editor since 2017, coordinating the entire news coverage, commissioning stories, rewriting, and editing features and news and putting together big news events of the day/ major news breaks. During her 35 years of journalism career, she has done various stints across leading media organizations such as Times of India, Indian Express, The Telegraph, IANS, etc. As a keen observer of societal trends, she has written extensively on a range of issues – from women’s empowerment and the influence of cinema to everyday politics and the role and the state of the media. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from St Stephen’s College, Delhi University and diploma in Journalism from the Times Research Foundation School of Social Journalism, New Delhi.

Subhav Shukla

Subhav is a core member of PTI’s fact-checking team. He is the Chief Photo Correspondent and has been with PTI for almost 20 years. As part of his role, he oversees the organization’s photo desk and also regularly tracks social media platforms to check for counterfeit photo and video content. Prior to joining PTI, he also worked as Chief Photographer with Dainik Jagran for 6 years.

Shakoor Rather

Shakoor is a news editor with PTI with over a decade of experience. He has covered stories across diverse topics including science, technology, health, environment etc. He is a fact-checking enthusiast and has recently attended the virtual KSJ@MIT Fact-Checking Workshop.

Manik Gupta

Manik is a Correspondent with PTI since 2015. His work focusses on news features as well as stories on topics relating to books, travel, and lifestyle. He monitors and keeps a close eye on evolving trends across various sectors.

Asim Kamal

Asim is a Special Correspondent with PTI and has over a decade of experience. He is an instrumental part of national reporting for the agency and covers beats such as the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Ministry of External Affairs, Congress and Parliament for PTI.