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05 Feb 2023, 22:34 HRS IST
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Source:Webgenic Technology Solutions
Category:High Technology
Digitization Simplified: Webgenic Technology Solutions Introduces ScanCraft High Speed Book Scanner and Publishing Software

Digitization Simplified: Webgenic Technology Solutions Introduces ScanCraft High Speed Book Scanner and Publishing Software

PUNE, India, September 19, 2013/PRNewswire/ -

Webgenic Technology Solutions, a Pune, Maharashtra based start-up, announced availability of a complete digitizing and publishing solution consisting of ScanCraft High Speed Book Scanner (www.scancraft.in) and Webgenic Publishing Server. The hardware and software required to build this solution were entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Pune, making this the first-of-its-kind, commercially available "Made in India" product for digitization projects.

ScanCraft book scanner is designed for non-destructive scanning and can handle new as well as fragile and precious old books and documents. It''s V-shaped book holder and transparent top protects books and flattens pages without causing stress to the book binding for accurate, curvature free scanning. The book doesn't need to be lifted or moved during scanning. The scanner produces high quality digitized version of the scanned books and documents in PDF file format, which can be made available over the internet (or intranet for internal office use) using Webgenic Publishing Server.

The scanner uses a dual high-resolution DSLR camera setup for capturing content (text and images) in the finest details. Dual camera setup is at the heart of high speed scanning as it captures two pages at a time in less than a second. ScanCraft's robust design helps in achieving large volume of scanning with minimum human efforts and stress. Technically, the scanner is capable of scanning over 1000 pages per hour and the scanning rate is limited only by the operator. At a comfortable rate, an operator can scan over 500 pages/hour which translates to over 1,00,000 pages/month in a single shift per day operations. This makes it ideal for digitization projects where large volume of books and documents need to be scanned.

"Until now, organizations had to rely on imported scanners for high volume scanning which escalated costs of digitization projects. ScanCraft scanner is indigenously designed and manufactured and can compete with any imported scanner for quality and functionality, yet it is available for a significantly lower price compared to most of the imported scanners," commented Mr. Darshan Maharana, Founder of Webgenic Technology Solutions. 

Webgenic also highlighted the role of Webgenic Publishing Server software which is a part of their complete solution. "Scanner completes only half the task in any digitization project. Once you convert thousands of your print publications into digital publications, how do you manage them? Just copying the scanned PDF files into a folder is not going to be very useful," said Mr. Maharana. "You need to be able to store, catalog, categorize, search, distribute, display and protect your digitized publications. That's where Webgenic Publishing Server software comes into picture. It fulfills all document management needs of digital publications. We identified this need early and hence provide a complete solution consisting of scanner hardware and document management server software."

Webgenic Publishing Server is a multipurpose software which can be used with or without the scanner and is also available independently. Using the publishing server, users can also create new digital publications directly using authoring features which supports multiple input document types such as MS Word, Text, PDF, OpenOffice and more. Its advanced features include multiple author collaboration which is greatly helpful when a team is collaborating on building the book. Creating future publications as digital editions helps save paper and environment by creating print editions only when necessary. These features make the publishing server an ideal candidate for setting up and running a paperless office.

Organizations which need to preserve and make their publications/documents available to users in open as well as controlled way, such as libraries, educational and research institutes, banks, hospitals, police and government departments can effectively use this comprehensive publishing server to meet their objectives.

"We don't just provide hardware and software for digitization projects," said Mr. Maharana "We work closely with the customers and provide all the technical know-how required for digitization projects and help them achieve their goals of preserving and sharing of knowledge which ultimately helps us accomplish our mission of preservation of knowledge and environment."

A demo ScanCraft scanner is on display in Webgenic's office in Pune and trials can be arranged for visitors by appointment.

About Webgenic Technology Solutions:

Webgenic Technology Solutions is a Pune, India based IT company and develops hardware and software for digitization, self publishing and more. 

W: www.webgenic.com, www.scancraft.in 

Primary Media Contact: Darshan Maharana, darshan@webgenic.com, contact@webgenic.com, 91-20-25456347, 91-9890622950


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