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29 Mar 2023, 18:20 HRS IST
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Source:Velocity MR
‘IPL Brands Insights Book 2019’ discourses the dynamics of branding at IPL


‘IPL Brands Insights Book 2019’ discourses the dynamics of branding at IPL

Bengaluru July 26, 2019: Velocity MR launched ‘IPL Brands Insights Book 2019’ today during the first edition of Velocity Insights Summit at Bengaluru. The book was launched by Harish Bijoor, Brand Guru & Founder, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. 
The IPL Brands Insights Book uncovers insights and trends on the role of branding and value creation in this multi-billion-dollar Indian sporting league. The book is particularly beneficial for Brands and Companies eyeing IPL as their major marketing vehicle. IPL today is the most popular and followed cricket league and was ranked the 6th most attended as compared to all other sports leagues in the world. The brand value of IPL in 2018 was estimated to be a staggering US$6.3 billion, according to Duff & Phelps. The Brand Book is positioned as an insightful guide for crafting Marketing decisions by brands, this IPL Brands Insights Book 2019 highlights various elements that are brain-stormed by marketing decision-makers while taking the IPL plunge.
Adds Jasal Shah, Managing Director & CEO of Velocity MR, “IPL is no doubt the biggest sports and marketing extravaganza by far for Indians at home and around the world. With the high stakes for this tournament, we felt the need to study the impact of advertising campaigns and branding during this event. Some of the notable surprises include the fact that RCB continues to be one of the most popular teams despite its poor performances. We also found that heavy spenders have been weighing their options between supporting the IPL as a whole or supporting an individual team, with the former being the clear winner. This annual study is a proven guide for marketers to help them with such tricky decisions. Moreover, we’ve covered around 100+ brands in our study and can develop exclusive & precise reports for each one of them”.
Harish Bijoor, Brand Guru & Founder, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc, further adds, “No secret that the stakes are high and every brand is looking to be associated with this exciting extravaganza. In its 11th edition, the valuation of leading individual teams has grown to cross USD 100 million and counting. In addition, Media Planners had estimated spend of over 2000 crore Rupees for IPL 2019 lone. Being the most sought-after marketing and advertising blitz in the country, media planners have to work overtime during this period to keep pace with the demand.”
Highlights of the Study from ‘IPL Brands Insights Book 2019’:
1. CSK & MI are the franchisees to associate with, for a brand looking out for nationwide awareness.
Though CSK, KKR and MI, ranked high in-home loyalty contribution, only CSK (76%) and MI (66%) truly have a nationwide presence. 
2. RCB & KKR takes the stage for regional campaigns.
For brands looking to target east, their best bet would be KKR with 45% of home loyalty contribution and RCB with 48% makes the best bet for brands targeting Bengaluru.
3. Franchisees’ Image & Performance coupled with a good following, are the key elements for gaining the most while taking the Front-center position on Jersey.
Average recall of a brand on the front-center position of a jersey is 53%. The brands that stayed above the average percentage for brand recall are Nokia for KKR (64%), Samsung for MI (61%) and Muthoot for CSK (57%). 
4. A good fan following can offset the trauma of bad performance on associated brands. 
The mix of a low-profile brand with a highly followed team can provide decently high recognition for the brands. Wrogn, the principal sponsor for RCB, which did not have a strong brand presence, after associating with a highly followed team RCB, is able to achieve a 40% increase in brand recognition.
5. Good Performances can translate into higher recall for brands.
Nokia which was the principal sponsor of KKR, garnered over 50% increase in top of mind recall when the team embraced victories, but their top of the mind recall dropped by 25% when the team lost 6 matches consecutively.
6. Heavy Advertising scores over Sponsorship in getting a better brand recall.
Swiggy and PhonePe, the two heavily advertised brands while not associated with a particular team, saw a substantial increase in their total brand recall over the IPL weeks; their total awareness had gone up by 8 and 10% respectively. 
7. Even less prominent space on jersey can give better recall for brands.
Interestingly in spite of placing their brand logo in a non-prominent position on the jersey, Royal Stag had a higher brand recall of 38% compared to Exide which was placed in a prominent position. Other than Royal stag being more popular than Exide, the brand was associated with another IPL team (Kings XI Punjab) which could be one of the reasons why it had a higher recall.
8. IPL is a good platform for product launches.
In spite of not being the Principal Sponsor of KKR, with the launch of a new product and celebrity endorsement, Lux Cozi was able to build 58% association among those watched four or more matches of the team. 
9. CSK has the best overall impact score but RCB keeps the maximum score in average brand recall.
When it comes to total impact score of the teams, CSK, MI, KKR and SRH take the top four positions. Yet RCB scores maximum in average brand recall (0.16 - the best across all the IPL teams), which proves the popularity of the team over social media and ads plays a big part in gaining viewership which in turn gives better brand recall to the brands associated with that team.
10. The popular & exciting teams are likely to get viewership of the frequent viewers.
Among the frequent viewers, it is found that the most watched matches involved three teams – CSK (9.5), MI (9) and RCB (9), who are popular & exciting teams with a strong social media presence during IPL. 
(Disclaimer: The above content is a press release. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same).
Media contact details:
Vineet Kishore Associate Director – Marketing Communications vineet@velocitymr.com www.velocitymr.com
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