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08 Jun 2023, 10:06 HRS IST
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Can You Defy Gravity Without Going to Outer Space
Can You Defy Gravity Without Going to Outer Space
Pune, Maharashtra, India - Business Wire India

RelaxoPod will give you the same experience here right on earth and at a minimal cost.

RelaxoPod – Experience Nirvana

RELAXOPOD SYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD is the first and only Indian manufacturer of the state of the art floatation pod with its corporate office at Pune, India.


Imagine an environment that acts as a counterbalance to every other interaction we have with the world around us. The pursuit of pure nothingness. A place of rest.an environment that allows our bodies and our minds to sink away from the society around us, and turn our focus inwards.

This is no wonderland. This is the exquisite escape RelaxoPod offers.

And it’s not just the RelaxoPod, the magic is us. Our bodies have spent millions of years learning how to care of themselves, and RelaxoPod simply provides the optimum environment with which to do it.
RelaxoPod is more than a floatation pod ,it is an environment to soothe .Introduced for the first time In India, Float pods such as these come in a variety of shapes and are also known as Sensory deprivation tank ,isolation tank, floatation tank, floatation pod, sensory deprivation chamber etc.

 A person lies on their back in the pod/ tank, their body floats on the surface, half in and half out of the water. The buoyancy has an incredibly rejuvenating effect on the human body through Sensory Deprivation technique. Also known as REST (Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy) The pod is sound proof and pitch black, creating a place for our bodies to be free from gravity and all stimulation from the outside world. You can also listen to relaxing meditational music. Besides you can reap added benefits of soft skin and hair along with detoxifying the body, and providing the magnesium most people lack through the Epsom salt.

The closest experience to this float pod is the Dead Sea, a hyper saline lake in Israel.

Relax, Meditate, breathe, chill, slow down, be yourself, cut off, switch off, me time etc….Are the buzz words in today’s fast paced, competitive world.

And here comes the RelaxoPod’s contribution towards taking you to these feelings of bliss, relaxation, stress free, completely me time without any external disturbances.

In fact, it is designed in such a way that all the external and internal stimuli which causes stress are minimised, so that a person can attain the relaxed state wherein all the senses are deprived ,so that there is no external stimuli to inner peace a person wants to attain. E.g. our ears are constantly receiving sound whether we like it or not, when we come in contact with another person we wither have to talk or listen to them, or our eyes are always seeing things unless we sleep of course. Our skin is exposed to various pollutants or along with good rays and light, it is exposed to UV rays as well which are harmful.

Relaxopod cuts off all these external stimuli which takes you away from your true being i.e. (The pearl you are).

Hence we invite you all to experience the relaxation, the sensory deprivation that we all long for.

So who all can benefit from it? Everyone without any exception anyone and everyone can experience such bliss. Of course it is very beneficial for these people who are constantly under pressure due to their work commitments or lifestyle.

It is also beneficial for those people who have to take extras care for their skin, as the salts use in the bath are very beneficial for skin.

All these experiences will take you one step further towards Experiencing Nirvana.

This unique relaxation and rejuvenation concept will help you breathe in the good things of life and find peace in the midst of chaos. It will help you let go of everyday worries and experience pure bliss. You can discover how a few moments of nothingness can bring a change to everything you feel and perceive. RELAXOPOD is available for floatation therapy at SHALOM FLOAT AND MIND SPA in Koregaon park, Pune India for which is also the franchise of the company.

Here at Shalom Float spa, while floating in a RelaxoPod you get the opportunity to shut all external stimuli including the force of gravity to shift the spotlight within and bring yourself to light. A feeling of wellbeing stays for days.

It’s impossible to abolish our exposure to toxins, and if not flushed out, they remain in our system, an hours session in the Relaxopod at Shalom Spa is one of the earliest healing therapies that can be done to facilitate and enhance our body’s natural detoxification, which has numerous health benefits.

These floatation sessions at Shalom Spa will help achieve optimal health, through a wellness approach that encompasses living healthy in mind, body & spirit.

Mr. Binny Paul is the Founder Director and brain behind Relaxopod, also a Certified Water Specialist (CWS-1) who has been in the water treatment industry for the past two decades providing water treatment solutions across all sections of society and businesses through a sister concern known as BINNY BROTHERS.

When we first came across floatation, we wanted to introduce this powerful experience here in India. Months after searching the globe for the most advanced technologies available, we are confident to have found the most euphoric method of relaxation on earth. Many people fall in love with floating after just one experience in the pod – we''re no exception to that rule. We then conceived, designed, developed and tested India's first floatation pod known as Relaxopod TM.

Relaxopod Systems India Pvt Ltd was formed to manufacture RelaxoPods which were designed and developed indigenously in India. The state-of-the-art filtration system for the pod has been exclusively designed and developed in house with multiple stages of filtration and disinfection to maintain the water in safe and hygienic condition known as IRDMS.

Two years later, we are opening one of the first float centre here in Pune and have plans to scale it up across India with existing spa centres as clients and exclusive franchisees.

Our motivation is articulated from our belief that floating- as a practice, can provide benefits to the majority of people who decide to lie down in a float pod.

Floatation is amazingly simple, very powerful and extremely versatile. People are drawn to floating to find relief from physical discomfort and stress, encourage personal development, or simply for some peace and tranquility. Inevitably, most people end up harnessing some combination of the many reported benefits. The most common testimonials are profound peace and relaxation, deep concentration and heightened creativity.

Our plan is to make floating accessible; to give everyone the chance to float, as regularly as they desire. We offer very competitive rates compared to a Spa industry and we'll have all sorts of programs which will allow more people to step into the comfortable stillness of the float pod. 

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Relaxopod Front view

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Binny Paul, +91-8600860008, info@relaxopod.com
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