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29 Mar 2023, 19:05 HRS IST
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M-AdCall Served Over 100 Million Seamless HD Quality Mobile Video Ads to Customers
M-AdCall Served Over 100 Million Seamless HD Quality Mobile Video Ads to Customers
New Delhi, Delhi, India - Business Wire India

M-AdCall, with its unique mobile ad services, has brought in a whole new twist in the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem and claims to have served over 100 million seamless HD quality Mobile Video Ads to Customers.
 In the unique Opt In of m-Ad Call services, customers get to choose which interactive ads to see and when they want to see them. And customers get rewarded as they see the Mobile Ads.
Mobile advertising volume in India grew the fastest in the world, climbing a record 260% since July 2013, even as the larger Asia-Pacific region where ad impressions delivery rose 70% this year, emerged the fastest-growing region globally. This is primarily due to the rapid, country-wide shift from feature phones to smart devices, which is dominated almost entirely by the Android platform.
M-AdCall services provide advertisers with the brand building value of video advertising, with the interactivity of mobile. Its products mAdcall and AppTouch, have created new opportunities, for deeper and continued engagement with customers, through interactive videos, landing pages and even tailored brand rewards.

Video has been dominant on mass media through Television. It scores as a medium, as the brand can tell its story fully and engage with customers emotionally and build on its values. So too in Digital advertising, where video as a format is now finding a huge 56% growth.
Mr Jay Jain, Director & Co- Founder, M-AdCall, said “The challenge of Mobile always has been data network and the buffering we experience in streamed videos. m-Ad Call has changed that completely, with its new technology , to deliver seamless HD quality videos, even when the network/Wi-Fi  is weak or unavailable. We have just crossed a 100 million quality video ads delivered in this way”.
“Users are saying “Yes” to M-AdCall  in a big way. Over 1.7 million users activated the Opt-in ad service. And a high 50 % of them continue to use the service regularly. Surely, they come in for the rewards, but stay on too, finding the service non intrusive and easy to use. What is more, these are good value customers, with ARPU levels well above that of average customers. And that’s important for advertisers too”. Mr. Jay further added.
It’s a good new opportunity for brands to use video ads at various times in the day and not be restricted to TV viewing hours. And the larger screens of smartphones, surely makes this a high quality experience!
M-AdCall, offers an Ad opportunity prior to a phone call, and on a confirmatory click, delivers a video ad and then goes through directly to the call .This is followed up with an actionable landing page after the call. And in turn, rewards to customers, through points earned.
The newly launched m-Ad “AppTouch” service, adds a whole new dimension. Customers who opt-into the service agree to view ads, when they start interacting with any App or game of their choice. They could opt to see Ads PRIOR to Candy Crush, Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter.  And now, this earns them rewards too.
M-AdCall’s products have been launched on Micromax devices as a preloaded service that benefits customers with rewards. It is now being extended as a pre load, to all Micromax smartphones.
The services currently run on any smartphone, on Tata Docomo. Idea and MTS networks and will be extended to other operators very soon.
On Micromax smartphones, the service is available across all operators networks.
Brands across verticals have been using M-AdCall. Among FMCG brands- Coke, KFC and Cinthol.
In Entertainment and media Star Movies & Yash Raj Films have built new use cases to promote some of their releases. 

Handset brands like Samsung and HTC and services like Visa and Free Charge are some other new entrants.
Over 25 advertisers (and growing), have used the M-AdCall services, to connect with consumers on their mobiles.
“Our expansion aims at reaching 10 million users and creating a dominant advertising channel. We are self-funded and have invested in the platform last year and continue to do so. We will take up funding in the coming months, to aggressively expand our customer base and further build on our technology platform.” Added Mr. Jay Jain.

Mr Jay Jain, Director & Co-Founder, M-AdCall, +91-9993055511, jay@m-adcall.com
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