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05 Oct 2022, 15:33 HRS IST
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Nobel Prize for chemistry awarded to three scientists for "snapping molecules together" to create materials, reports AP.
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BullionIndia's App Brings Gold and Silver to Your Smartphone

BullionIndia's App Brings Gold and Silver to Your Smartphone

MUMBAI, September 19,2014/PRNewswire/ -

Indians have always loved their gold and silver. It's been our pride, investment and spot of comfort in rainy days. From preparing to buy it to actually buying it from a jeweler and checking prices everyday, it's a long journey. As much as it is a great asset, it brought with it several stress points. What rate is good enough since it is changing every hour? Where is it safe to store? Can I sell it immediately when I really need it? How pure is the quality? Can I resell it anywhere I wish to? These questions bothered buyers for centuries. BullionIndia.in is a platform that has done away with all these pressures and given us the simplest platform for all our bullion needs. To add to the convenience of users, BullionIndia.in has now introduced the BullionIndia app for smartphones. It's currently available on the Android platform and will soon be a part of the iOS platform too.

With the use of smartphones increasing rapidly across the country, BullionIndia's app is sure to change the traditional methods of investment in gold and silver. Buying, selling and redeeming bullion has become as simple as purchasing books online. It's cheaper, safe, swift and hassle-free. In fact, it is so convenient that one wonders why should one bother with the cumbersome traditional method at all. Through the BullionIndia.in app, you can now buy these precious metals whenever you wish. They are safely stowed away in secured vaults that are kept safe by an international agency that secures gold for banks. The moment you feel you need to have the gold or silver, it is swiftly and safely delivered right at your doorstep. Need expert opinions on when to buy and sell? BullionIndia.in brings the best advice from the experts to your fingertips.

Mr. Ketan Kothari, Director, BullionIndia.in, says, "The app underlines our commitment to bring the best services to our customers. First we revolutionised the manner in which bullion was bought and sold in India. We then made it cheap, safe and convenient - a rare feat. Now, with the app, we empower our users to have complete control and information about the market and their portfolio, right at their fingertips. We are sure this is going to be loved by all our users."

BullionIndia.in is run by an organization in India that is licensed to import bullion directly. They thus pass on their enormous price advantage to their customers, making their prices unmatchable. BullionIndia.in charges no storage fee, account opening charges or brokerage and even provides free insurance. You can buy, sell, redeem and place real-time market orders since you have access to live prices. You won't ever have to lose money again because you didn't have information or access to resources. All you now need is an Internet connection on your smartphone to download and access the BullionIndia app. These powerful features of information, live prices and expedition of transactions are now packed into this app that brings everything to your digital phone screen.

The BullionIndia App is a window to the wondrous world of bullion in India. It's an ocean of knowledge and opens up a world of information in a sector that was marred by speculation for decades. The BullionIndia app is now available to download for free from the Android app store. Download it now and usher in a new era in India's bullion legacy.

Advantages of BullionIndia.in app:  

  • The application is absolutely free of charge, all you have to do is download it on your mobile phone/tablet.
  • Member just needs a single ID and password for accounts on mobile/web and tablet.
  • Member can place real-time market orders.
  • Access live gold rates.
  • It's an app which helps members to access and check their Bullion India account on the go so that they can carry out transactions any time as per their convenience.

To download the app, please click here: http://goo.gl/MxwpDJ

About BullionIndia.in 

BullionIndia.in is a unique online platform that allows investors to own small quantities of physical gold and silver at wholesale prices. With Bullion India the retail investors gets an opportunity to buy as low as 0.1 gm of gold and 1 gm of silver. This gold and silver is in electronic form and backed by equivalent quantities of physical bullion thus making it affordable and accessible to all. Investors have the option of taking physical deliveries of their holdings as per their convenience. Via the e-commerce platform, BullionIndia.in has given customers in India the access to the Bullion market. Moreover, it caters to every section of the society by allowing customers to buy smaller denomination of gold and silver and that too at wholesale prices. The gold brought in electronic form is backed by equivalent quantities of physical bullion and can be delivered to your doorstep in form of coins/bars in varied denominations. All transactions at BullionIndia.in are monitored and verified by IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited. They coordinate the day-to-day reconciliation, deposit and withdrawal of gold and silver that are physically stored in the vaults.

For more details visit: http://www.BullionIndia.in  

Media Contact: Sapana Mane, sapana@bloomingdalepr.com, +91-9920011234, Bloomingdale Public Relations


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